1. Separate the legs of the child.  Make sure the child’s diaper area is clean and dry.  Do not use powder, oil or lotion on the child’s skin.
  2. Remove the backing paper from the lower part of the adhesive patch.
  3. Gently stretch the child’s skin to remove folds. Place the narrowest section of adhesive against the perineum.  Press the adhesive patch firmly against the skin to make sure it sticks.
    Females:  The perineum is the narrow bridge of skin between the vagina and the anus.
    Males:  the perineum is the skin between the scrotum and the anus.
  4. Working outward from the perineum, smooth the rest of the exposed adhesive against the skin, pressing the adhesive firmly to avoid wrinkles.
  5. Remove the backing paper from the top part of the adhesive.  Working upward and outward, smooth the top part of the adhesive patch against the skin above the penis/vagina.  Press firmly to avoid wrinkles.
  6. Start at the edge of the adhesive, and gently peel the bag away from the skin.
  7. Tilt the bag so the urine is away from the blue tab.
  8. Remove the blue tab and pour the urine into the collection cup.
  9. Label the collection cup with name, date of birth, and date and time of collection.    Return the specimen to the laboratory within 2 hours of collection.  Refrigerate specimen between the time it is collected and the time it is returned to the laboratory.