Clostridium Difficile Antigen and Toxin, EIA

Specimen Collection

Your provider may ask you to collect a non-formed (See #1 below) stool specimen for analysis. Please adhere to the following instructions to obtain a specimen suitable for testing.

  • Do not pass the stool into the toilet.
  • Pass the stool into a clean, dry container (may be provided by your physician’s office or can be picked up at AdventHealth Lab). You may also use a clean plastic bag to catch the stool.
  • Another method is to raise the toilet seat, stretch plastic wrap across the bowl just above the toilet water, place the toilet seat down, and pass stool on to plastic wrap for collection.
  • Using a clean plastic spatula, take a portion of the non-formed stool and place it into the containers provided. DO NOT overfill the container.
  • If more than one collection is necessary, you may store samples in a refrigerator.

C. difficile (C. Diff)

  1. Open the container, place small spoonful’s of *non-formed* stool into the container. Non-formed stool is stool that takes the shape of the container (watery, liquid, very soft). Formed stool sample submitted for C. difficile testing will be rejected.
  2. Label the container with your full name, date of birth, and time and date of collection. Place container in a plastic bag provided by lab or your provider. You can also use a clean zip lock bag.
  3. Return the stool specimen to the laboratory as soon as possible. Specimens should be refrigerated until transported to the laboratory.

*CDC recommends that testing for C. difficile or its toxins should be performed only on non-formed loose stool.