A clean catch urine specimen is used by your doctor to diagnose a urinary tract infection.


  1. Check to make sure the urine cup you have been given is labeled with your full name.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry with a paper towel or allow to air dry.
  3. Remove the urine container cap.  Be careful not to touch the inside of the cap or the inside of the container.
  4. Put the cap on the counter with the inside of the cap face up.
  5. Remove towelettes or cleansing sponges from packaging.
  6. Using one hand, separate the folds of the urinary opening.  With the first towelette, clean one side of the inner fold, using a single downward stroke.
  7. With the second towelette, clean the opposite side with one downward stroke.
  8. With the third towelette, clean the center area with one downward stroke.
  9. Start to urinate into the toilet, and then bring the cup into the “midstream” of the urine to catch the urine in the container.  Fill the container only half way.  Finish urinating in the toilet.
  10. Without touching the inside of the urine container or the inside of the container cap, screw the cap firmly on the container.
  11. Place the container on the cabinet or shelf.
  12. Wash your hands.